About Me

I write for businesses so they can get on with their business and not have to worry about writing. I take the hassle out of writing blogs, social media posts – any type of writing.

My Story

Since 2019 I’ve been ‘the talent behind the talent’ for my husband – David Julian Price – Speaking Coach, Keynote Speaker, Meetings Advisor, Independent Chair and Facilitator –

All of his skill sets cross over and enhance each other. Writing succinctly and in a slightly intriguing way for a serious topic such as his. 

Since 2020 I’ve also been writing for Rostrum WA Public Speaking Clubs. Such as blogs, social posts and emails about events and club news. Writing for Rostrum allowed me to find my true personality and flow. The relaxed vibe saw me writing poetry for the first time (it was unintentional – it just happened) and I found that I enjoyed this style of writing for my tribe.

As a member of Rostrum Public Speaking Clubs, I’ve entered their Speaker of the Year competition 3 years in a row. The time invested in speech writing and speaking for these competitions has strengthened the way I structure my writing so it flows well, and is easier for the audience to grasp the message.

The type of work I do...

Bios with Personality

Fun stuff
(such as speeches)

Event Poems

Website Words

Business Content Writing


When I’m not writing for my clients, I delve into writing more of my own memoir.

Previous to this I ran my own retail business for 30 years and that taught me a lot about what makes people tick. It also taught me how to be on top of the day to day communication with customers, staff and suppliers. Doing this regularly taught me how to say what I needed to say in the nicest, calmest, and efficient way possible so everyone knows what’s happening.

Fun fact