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Are psychics real or fake?

Freddie Mercury’s Legacy from Live Aid is still relevant today

Bikinis, breasts and manufacturing in Australia

Is it…. Superman, or Meetings Man?

Faster than a meeting at 5pm Friday

More powerful than the mute button on Zoom

Able to make decisions in a single meeting


Look, down the hall 

It’s the boss, It’s the minute taker

It’s Meetings Man


Yes Meetings Man

Guiding you on the path to positive meeting momentum

Who comes with strategies and techniques

Far beyond just having an agenda and starting on time


Meetings Man

Who can change the course of endless meetings

Bend agendas with his bare hands

And who, disguised as David Julian Price

Mild-mannered meetings mentor 

Fights a never-ending quest 

For productivity, results in the smart meetings way


Seriously. If you want better meetings that deliver more productivity, decisions and results,

call The Meetings Man – David Julian Price