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If you’re looking for a different style and tone to get your message across, consider a poem. They’re succinct and memorable and suitable for businesses, clubs, reunions, or any other special events. In a book, a poem can be written to summarise the story, or individual chapters, helping the reader to grasp the context immediately.


Business articles and blogs are written to captivate the reader so they’ll want to connect with you.


If you have a story inside you that must be told, and my style of writing resonates with you, contact me.


As soon as someone smiles, you’re halfway there. Bio’s don’t have to be predictable and boring. Everyone has an interesting fact about them that makes them relatable. When reshaped, it can be used as a metaphor to highlight your work history and style.

Why Choose a Poem?

A fresh approach was needed, things were looking dour
How to get your message across, make it your finest hour

A poem saves time, keeps your customers happy
Brevity means clarity, short, sharp and snappy

Poems are shorter than other forms of composition
Forcing the writer to be more selective & disciplined

The reader embodies the rhythm, meter and rhyme
Picking up its intended message in half the time

Does your business, club or group need to wrangle
A fresh, memorable message, then try a new angle

Poetry makes you think ways that prose does not
Opening your mind to possibilities of new thought